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We have an active fleet of 11 J/22s. These popular keelboats are nimble and fun to sail for all skill levels. We use the J/22s in our racing program, summer camp, and C.I.T. training. They are popular for nearly all of our skipper level members, too.

A Sonar sailboat meanders in Baltimore Inner Harbor on a sunny day

A Sonar Sailboat sails through the Inner Harbor. The Sonars are used for lessons, camps, and recreational sailing.

A Freedom Independence 20 Sailboat is readied for sailors to embark on a sunny harbor sail!

The Freedom Independence 20s were designed to make sailing Accessible. In normal years, these boats are used in our Adaptive-Accessible program.

J22 Sailboats Racing in Canton Basin

The J/22s are used weekly for racing and sailed near-daily for recreation. Here, the TNR racing program competes in the Ya Gotta Regatta

We maintain a fleet of 6 Sonars. They have spacious cockpits and high sides, making this boat ideal for beginners and for comfortable daysailing. We use this fleet for our afterschool programs, adaptive sailing program, and for lessons. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are using the Sonars exclusively for lessons to aid in social distancing. 

We keep 10 Hansa (Access) 303W dinghies, 10’ boats that can be sailed double- or single-handed, with a crew capacity of 350 pounds. The low cockpit seat and weighted centerboard create a low center of gravity, making the boat virtually uncapsizable. The layout makes this sailboat highly accessible. Beginner sailors can command their own ships in a matter of minutes with these fun, easy to use boats. Crew Level Members can use these boats even if they are not skippers.

Our four Freedom Independence 20s are purpose-built to provide comfortable, safe, and fun sailing for all persons. They are specially outfitted for persons with disabilities. These boats are used in our Access-ability Sailing program. They are also great trainers, as they are more stable than the J/22s and Sonars.

Hansa Access Dinghies in Action - a first person perspective

The Hansa Access Dinghies are simple, fun, and easy to use. Crew level members can skipper their own boats and bring a friend along with them, too. The Hansa Access Dinghies are our primary boat for our Access-ability Saturdays, an inclusive program designed to support people with disabilities and their families.


New for 2021, The DSC is now offering kayaks for all members. The DSC has purchased x4 Malibu 2 kayaks and x4 Malibu 2 XL kayaks for your paddling pleasure. The boats are simple, stable, and easy to embark and disembark. 

Kayak lessons will be offered in the spring. Kayaks are only available for general member use from April through November.

The DSC team takes the 'yaks on their maiden voyage over to Fells Point. Kayaking is a great supplement to sailboat sailing and available to all DSC members (skipper, crew, youth, and junior members)

Cruising Sailboats

The DSC cruising sailboats generally range in length from 30' to 40' and feature inboard diesel engines.  

Current fleet:

Sprite - Pearson 30 

Evening Star -  Pearson 33-2 WK - FOR SALE

Messin' About -  S2 9.2

Akimbo - Bristol 33.3

Sweet Dreams - S2 11.0A w/ in-mast furling

Dorothy Gale - Pearson 39-2 CB

DamyAnn - Catalina 27 (tiller) - FOR SALE


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