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Summer Camp!

Thank you for a great 2021 Juniors Sailing Camp!!

Please check back at the end of November to register for 2022!

The above pricing reflects 2021. If there is a financial need, DSC offers scholarship. More information is in the Camp FAQ tab.

Adventure Sailing Camp

All Skill Levels Welcome! 

Ages 8-14

Youth of all skill levels will experience the joy of sailing, and Camp is perfect for instilling the love of sailing. Our J/22s and Sonars sail with 4 campers and 1 instructor aboard each boat.

We tailor your child's sailing experience to their skill level!

Novice and returning junior sailors, ages 8 to 14, will spend the majority of their time learning the basics of sailing through an experiential environment. Intermediate sailors spend more time honing their sailing skills and increasing their sailing knowledge through in-depth chalk talks and more focused sailing on the J/22s and Sonars. Once your Intermediate sailor has their skills assessed by an experienced Coach, they will be able to begin skippering and crewing a boat accompanied by coaching support from a power boat. Campers signing up for this level must be ready to make decisions without a coach onboard their boat (typically age 12-14).

When registering, you may choose the level appropriate for your camper. If you are uncertain, please feel free to email a staff member at info@downtownsailing.org.  

Campers enjoy a beautiful day during a "bridge run." Photo courtesy of Will "Spinsheets" Spiccioli.

These forms are required for each week of camp in which your child is registered before they can participate:

  • Rules, Policies and Procedures. Please read this carefully, as it contains detailed information about what to expect. Please complete and submit the last page.
  • Health history. You must submit this for each week your child attends camp.
  • Medication. If your child must self-administer medication while attending camp, you must complete and submit this form.
  • Asthma Action Plan. If your child has asthma, you must complete and submit this form.
  • Liability Waiver. This is stored digitally, so you only need to sign it once per year!

Once you have gathered all your documents, they must be submitted at the start of your child's camp week (Monday morning). You may also scan and email these documents to rena@downtownsailing.org.

Our Sailors love sailing camp! Photo courtesy of Rena Kaz.

More Camp Info

Our Summer Camp is focused on fun, safety, and experiential learning: No digital screens; very few goals, other than to celebrate the joys of summer, the joys of friendship, and the joys of sailing. The DSC camp experience is dedicated to providing your children with a wholesome space to grow and play outdoors, with appropriate safety protocol, and with excellent staff who care about the wellbeing of your children.

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, our camp emphasizes safety practices like hand washing (with bar soap!), mask wearing, and social distancing. When your children are ready to sail on their own, we empower them. When they just want to be kids, we let them play (on the boats, of course!).

Our staff do teach proper sailing: tiller extension usage, communication, commands, knots, etc... But childhood is fleeting and our camp celebrates the joy of youth! Let your kids be kids with us, and know that they will be supported in their growth as they become good citizens of the world. At The DSC summer camp, our main aim is to keep your kids safe; our secondary goals are to foster a positive community atmosphere and to impart a love for sailing through creativity and self-exploration.

These guys!! Rocking their new buffs! Photo courtesy of Rena Kaz

Fostering friendship!

Junior Camp Sessions

Learning big boat skills! Photo courtesy of David Stude

Intermediate sailors showing their skill and confidence. Photo courtesy of Stu

If financial assistance is needed, The DSC offers a scholarship. More information is in the Camp FAQ tab.


The Downtown Sailing Center at the Baltimore Museum of Industry
1425 Key Highway, Suite 110, Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 727-0722 • info@downtownsailing.org