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Volunteer with the Downtown Sailing Center

                                Photos courtesy of Deborah Davis

Self Report Volunteer Hour Form: Click Here

Why Volunteer?

The Downtown Sailing Center, a non-profit organization, relies on our dedicated community of volunteers to fulfill our missionContribute your time alongside this close-knit sailing community to receive on-site training, earn high school service-learning hours, and form lifelong friendships. Your participation supports youth, persons with disabilities, and those with limited opportunities. Volunteering also contributes to reporting hours to donors, securing funding for impactful initiatives, and maintaining our fleet and grounds.

New members will discover beginner-friendly events, with clear descriptions of any required experience. Volunteering is an excellent way to deepen your involvement in the sailing community, with skippers often sharing expertise during events. Find your niche through work parties, member sails, or outreach events—active attendance is key to building lasting connections. 

Membership Expectations

We ask that members volunteer at 8 events per year or participate in a committee

Why Join a Committee?

Committees are the best way for you to support the Downtown Sailing Center! There is a committee for each part of the organization, and we think you'll discover a committee that aligns with your interests. Together, we can harness the strength of the community to keep membership fees affordable, maintain our fleet and facilities, and foster the growth of the sailing center. 

No prior experience is needed; training will be provided by your team and supervisor. Click here for all the details on all the opportunities, find the best way to give back. 

How will my contributions be tracked?

  • Sign up for events on the website, and be sure to sign in on the clipboard at the actual event!

  • For volunteering that isn't an event on the website (e.g. mentoring, a committee meeting, putting together a social media campaign), we will have a simple online form where you can submit your contributions.

  • We hope everyone can contribute toward the success of the DSC. There are no individual "penalties" for not volunteering, but we cannot fully carry out our mission and make this a fantastic community without YOUR help! 

List of Committees:

  • Cruising Boat Managers

  • Boat Maintenance Team

  • Canvas Repair Team

  • Hansa Orientation Team 

  • Kayak Orientation Team

  • Dockmasters

  • New Member Welcoming Committee

  • Social Committee

  • Ya Gotta Regatta Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Marketing/Communications Committee

  • Race Council 

  • Hansa Adaptive Race Team 

  • D.E.I Committee

Click here for more committee information

How to Volunteer/Join a Committee

  • Sign up for volunteer events here!

  • To join a committee, indicate your "Volunteer Type(s)" within your membership profile. 

  • To participate in a committee you must be a member in good standing

How to Self Report Volunteer Hours

Thank you for donating your time! Without your support we would not be able to achieve our mission. Please use this form to report your volunteer hours.


Reach out to!

Please click here to review all the volunteer information! 

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