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Cruising Council InFORMATIOn 

The cruising committee is comprised of DSC members. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email:  cruising@downtownsailing.org and include a brief description of your experience related to the committee work.

Cruising Council Members

Cruising Council Chairperson: Tark Yetiser

Education Coordinator: Tark

Budget and Purchases: Bruce Levy, Jean Holcombe, Bob Gorrell

Fleet Maintenance: Nick Thomas , Andrew Medico

DSC Board Liason: Chris Rossi

Communications and Events: Ali Soylu, Peggy McElligott

Social Events: Justin Heltzel, Jean-Marie Gratien

Member Liason: Peggy McElligott

Fleet Maintenance Committee

Work Party Coordinators: Tark Yetiser, Nick Thomas, Bruce Levy

Sail Repair and Canvas: Kathy Buckley, Bedford Bentley, Ali Soylu, Mike Rennich

Electrical: Andrew Medico, Ali Soylu
Engines: Tark Yetiser, Jean-Marie Gratien
Woodworking: Ben Harris, Phillip Amireaux

Paint, Boat Registrations: Bruce Levy

Boat Managers

Akimbo (Bristol 33.3): Rick Lee, Andrew Medico

Messin' About (S2 9.2m): Justin Heltzel, Santhosh George

Evening Star (Pearson 33): Jean Holcombe, Sam Redles

Sweet Dreams (S2 11m): Hank Jedema

Dorothy Gale (Pearson 39): Ali Soylu, Abe DeFoe

Sprite (Pearson 30): Frank Krach, Martin Lutsky

Damy Ann (Catalina 27): not assigned yet


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