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    • 28 Sep 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Downtown Sailing Center "A" Dock
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    'Ya Gotta Regatta' 2019 Participant Registration!

    Saturday, September 28, 2019 

    You've sailed all summer, either through our Access-ability Saturdays & Sundays or through one of our Outreach Events. Now it's time to strut your stuff and show off your racing skills in our Annual 'Ya Gotta Regatta'. 

    Unlike our regular access-ability events, we will be running sailboat races in three different sessions.  We will have 2 access dinghy races and one race in our larger boats, sonars and J22s. 

    The Schedule for the day is as follows:  

    12PM-1PM: Dinghy Race 1 

    1PM-2PM: Dinghy Race 2

    12:40PM-1:40PM: Sonar/J22 Race

    1:30-2:30: Lunch

    2:30-2:45: Awards Ceremony

    2:45: Event wrap up 

    3PM: Event Over 

    We will have music and chairs set up on the Dinghy dock for spectators and for participants who get off the water early. 

    As a reminder, our two boat choices are "Access Dinghy" and "Sonar / J22 Keelboat." The Access Dinghies are our small 2 person boats, good for those who lack trunk support or need to be transferred by one of our Hoyer lifts. You can sail solo, with a friend or family member or with a volunteer sailing buddy. 

    The Sonars are our larger 24ft boats. The J22's are similar, they just have a smaller area to sit, so they are better for individuals with strong trunk support. All of our keelboats have a volunteer skipper and crew member aboard to sail the boat. You are certainly welcome to join in and help steer or adjust the sails. The larger boats are good for families or groups with more than 2 people. 

    When registering please pick your preferred boat and sailing time and list any additional accommodations you might require, such as a hoyer lift transfer. 

Downtown Sailing Center at the Baltimore Museum of Industry
1425 Key Highway, Suite 110, Baltimore, MD 21230
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